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Welcome To B|KM

B|KM offers best practices and tools with a high degree of professional-oriented Business Consulting and custom solutions

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Tools for a Faster Business

B|KM is dedicated to digital transformation through Business Process Organization and embeds consulting services with specifically tailored tools for the customer. Our application delivery platform is B|KM Welund, developed and progressively improved over the past 20 years.

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Business Process Consultancy

We help organizations to streamline their processes and migrate towards a path of efficiency & cost reduction

Digital Transformation

We have decades of experience in digital transformation, process automation and Information Technology

Legal digital technology

Our approach towards innovative solutions is legal-oriented. We help our customers to be compliant and minimize their risks

Business Process

Business Process Management and Reorganization, Change Management

Legal automation

Contract Life-cycle Management, Legal process organization


Tactic operations streamlining and project execution management

Incident Management

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Compliance Support

Reach full legal and Corporate compliance with our consultancy and tools

SaaS Solutions

We have dozens of solutions ready to be customized for your needs




assets managed

  • B|KM Newport News

    B|KM Newport News

    File Description File size BKM NewportNews brochure ITA soft 2 BKM NewportNews brochure in Italiano, 2023 186 KB Aggregatore Editoriale per Content Marketing Un aggregatore editoriale è un sistema che riunisce contenuti web e/o applicazioni da fonti online selezionate, per il riutilizzo o l’esposizione secondo un piano editoriale prestabilito. È uno strumento che pubblica i… Read More »B|KM Newport News

  • B|KM Fulda PM

    B|KM Fulda PM

    Fulda is the B|KM integrated system for Purchasing Offices Management: it helps keeping relations with both internal customers and suppliers. Purchases paperwork within the procurement offices takes up to one third to half of the daily time. Fulda offers a dashboard able to automate the whole process and make it streamlined and in harmony with the Legal, Finance and Control Offices.

  • B|KM Altona QAA

    B|KM Altona QAA

    Altona QAA is a responsive tool for Quality Assurance & Audit. Auditing normalization is the key of the solution. Thanks  to Altona the execution of an audit will take minutes instead of hours or  days. Altona allows each organization to normalize the audit planning  and execution process through flexible templates, multi-user management, custom workflows,and a… Read More »B|KM Altona QAA

  • B|KM Vermont VRM

    B|KM Vermont VRM

    B|KM Vermont addresses the need for a central directory for vendors and customers/counterparts. The Vendor & Counterparts Directory (VCD) provides a central repository of counterparts and vendors complete with roles and legal-oriented additional information (signing persons, legal referrers, etc). It can be synchronized with other systems such as ERP or Accounting systems by means of custom data integration via Nova CLM.

  • B|KM Haarlem ICM

    B|KM Haarlem ICM

    File Description File size BKM Haarlem – brochure (ita) Brochure for Italian market. (italiano) 1 MB B|KM Haarlem is a solution for Asset and Incident management. Orientation of this solution is the functional field solution of managing multiple vendors in heterogeneous environments. That’s why Haarlem can’t be strictly considered a an Information Technology tool although… Read More »B|KM Haarlem ICM

  • B|KM Coslada FM

    B|KM Coslada FM

    File Description File size SaaS – Coslada – brochure (en) B|KM Coslada brochure 3 MB Coslada is an integrated system of services for managing recurring costs and/or own or third-party goods or services assigned to company resources. Main target is fleet management and asset-resource discovery, association and management. The system manages the master data of… Read More »B|KM Coslada FM

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